Usage-Based Insurance and CAARP – A Match Made in Car Heaven

Usage-Based Insurance (UBI), or the monitoring of drivers and their habits electronically in order to determine their insurance rate, is an idea whose time has come a number of times. The first few times UBI came and went due to technological glitches. Once the tech was sorted out, it turns out people simply didn’t like the idea of being spied on – even if it meant they could save a whole bunch of money on their car insurance!

Undaunted, the industry leader in supplying UBI technology solutions, Waterloo Ontario-based Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc (IMS) has struck partnership after partnership to get their product out there – without striking the link that they really should have from the start. A partnership with the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan would serve to get their UBI products out there in huge numbers, allow low-income drivers an affordable insurance solution and speed consumer acceptance of UBI in general.

Of course, conspiracy theorists and bleeding hearts would scream bloody murder that we were monitoring the poor – but I prediict such objections would fall on deaf ears. People would rather be mobile than free.

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