Stumbled @ Manang’s Chicken, Gaisano Mall of Davao

If you’re a Davaoeño and been to Gaisano Mall of Davao, you’ll remember the location of the old food court. It was pretty big and several food chains did really well until they’ve transferred to a new location which is just across the old food court. Now, the furniture store transferred to the location of the food court and to be honest, it’s an eyesore to see them being displayed at their new location.

Anyway, after a hearty conversation with my friend and since it was 7 PM that time, it was perfect for me to try the new restaurant at the old food court. It’s called Manang’s Chicken.

Manang’s Chicken
If you know Nanay Bebeng’s location at the food court, well, it stood at the exact place. It is easy to find considering that it’s the first resto that you can see right away. They serve not just chicken meals but they also have desserts to complete your meal! To break my curiosity and I only brought a small amount of money (hehe!), I entered and ordered my meal. 😀

Inside Manang’s Chicken
Inside this restaurant was being dominated mostly with bright colors such as red, orange and yellow. Warm lights and leather chairs gave somehow a cozy atmosphere though since it’s 7 PM, expect lots of customers to dine in. I didn’t mind about it and the important thing is to try their meal and review about it.

Manang’s Chicken

As I looked up to their menu, I asked the lady in the counter on what’s their specialty. She told me that it’s the Manang’s Chicken. Okay, so I didn’t ask why but ordering this chicken meal, you can choose between, ordinary, mild spicy or extra spicy.

The lady recommended me to try the mild spicy since it has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy taste of chicken although she said that their extra spicy flavor is tolerable but in this case, I want to enjoy my dinner thus I chose the mild spicy.

Closer look
The Serving:
When ordering this meal, you can choose to have 1 to 2 pieces of chicken but since I had no time, I chose to only have 1 piece of chicken with rice. It costs 99 Pesos but if you want to include a drink, just add 15 Pesos and it will cost around 114 Pesos. I chose lemonade as my drink. Remember, all of their meals have unlimited rice therefore, you can ask for more rice if you want.

When they served the meal, I noticed how the chicken looked so tasty! They used a secret glaze (which I just knew) for their chicken. The chicken was also sprinkled with sesame seeds to add aroma and taste to the chicken. But the presentation of this meal was so simple and bland. They could have attached a flag to their chicken to indicate the level of spiciness.

The Taste:
Yum! The chicken was crispy but at the same time, flavorful! Every bite counts when eating this chicken. For a 99 Peso chicken meal, you get what you paid for. The glaze that they have in the chicken did really well thus it produced a good flavor. The spiciness of the chicken was of course mild but I love how balanced the flavor was. You can enjoy both the sweet and spicy flavor of the dish which means, I love it! Delizioso!

Trust the ones who work at the restaurant. They know what’s the best for the customers. 🙂 – See more at:

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