My Lunch @ Goldilocks, SM City Davao

Whenever I visit SM City Davao, I always search something that can make my tummy happy and Goldilocks is the one that can always do the trick! Well, why Goldilocks?

I remember when my dad used to visit Manila, I always want something from Goldilocks and that is their yummy and addictive polvoron! Goldilocks is well known for that dessert and when my dad brought home the delicious polvorons, I could get excited and manage to finish two polvorons. It’s a testament why their polvoron is a must try!

We all know that Goldilocks sell delectable cakes and other desserts that can make us drool and stare. But they just don’t market the sweet tooth but also customers who want to eat their lunch! Well, I’m one of the customers who loves to eat lunch and one reason is being affordable and delicious!

When having lunch at Goldilocks, expect Filipino food in the menu and Bopis is one of them. I first tried their Bopis when I had lunch with my family. Since then, when I’m in their place, Bopis is always my first choice.

The Serving:
Bopis was served in a paper bowl as part of their advocacy to go green and to save trees. Bopis is generally a spicy dish that consists of diced pork and a little chili for a kick. It’s an oily dish therefore, if you’re on diet, just pass this one out. Price: 60 Pesos and it comes with a cup of rice.

The Taste:
I couldn’t just say anything but delicious! Of course, expect this dish to be oily but the diced pork was easy to chew and it’s a bit spicy but tolerable. What made the dish attractive is the color it’s why it caught my eye and had fun munching on the Bopis! It’s perfectly paired with rice too! I would love to eat Bopis again if I have time and munch again!

Mocha Cake
But I just didn’t have a great lunch but a delectable dessert too! As part of their promotion, Goldilocks gave every customer a slice of Mocha Cake. When you buy them a whole piece of this cake, they’ll give a 10% discount when you purchase them. All you have to do it to keep the stub and present it when you buy a Mocha Cake.

The Serving: When this was given to me at the counter, for a taste test of this cake, I found the packaging pretty neat! I thought I have to make a purchase for this Mocha Cake but when I found out that it’s for free, I was surprised and thanked the man who gave me the cake. I happily brought the cake to the table while waiting for my lunch

The Taste: The cake was soft and spongy. Good thing it was not that rich and heavy and of course, it can’t be called a Mocha Cake without the taste of mocha in it. This was a good dessert to end my lunch. Overall, this was a great lunch! Thanks Goldilocks! I’ll always come back for lunch any time. 😀

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