Matina Town Square: A Virtual Tour

When in Davao, there are lots of choices when it comes to night life. But where do you want to spend them? Well, I’ll give you a virtual tour of MTS or Matina Town Square! πŸ˜€

Matina Town Square opened to the public in the year 2000. Since then, it’s a haven for food trips, music and leisure. One can enjoy the music played by the bands and have fun munching on the best foods being served. Even the little tykes and kids at heart can run around on the playground with the whole gang for leisure time.

With the recent renovation, one can miss the old MTS and how it looked like before. In fact, whenever I visit MTS, I get nostalgic and always reminiscing the times that I always get excited if we visit MTS because it means one thing: Halo-halo and some good food! πŸ˜€

Of course, time flies and now, MTS improved and a better place to visit! I’m happy with the changes and it’s just rightful that I’ll blog about this one and I’m excited to share this with you all! πŸ˜€

Newly Renovated Building of MTS
If you happen to visit MTS before the renovation, it had no second floor and it’s purely roof for the protection from heat and rain. With the renovation of the building, they now have second floor for more tenants and they can now cater more customers who want to visit their place. When in second floor, you can smell and feel the fresh air and it can make you relax from the daily stress. If you want to dine out, visit these popular places: Calda Pizza, Keepsakes, Taste of Home, Taps, etc.

Second floor
This is now the second floor of this building in MTS. As you can see, some of the tenants moved here and most of the new tenants occupied the second floor. One can experience fresh air that touches the skin thus there’s no need of a wall fan as the air circulates the whole place. You can also enjoy the view of the scenery below like people arriving at the venue or just observing them. Sounds cool huh! πŸ˜€

Blugre Coffee
When entering MTS, at the distance, you can see the Blugre Coffee. Since the existence of MTS, Blugre Coffee positioned as the center of attraction given the location itself. It’s also a perfect place for those who want to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and delectable desserts with family and friends. Every time I visit Blugre, I always enjoy my time surfing the internet (thanks to Wi-Fi!), sipping their coffee and eating their cakes! When you visit this coffee shop, be sure to order their mouthwatering Choco Torte. I guarantee you’ll never regret on this one!

Kanto Bar and a new building to rise
Kanto Bar establishes itself as the home of jazz and blues as it plays relaxing music for the customers who just want to chill out and listen to good music that everybody loves. What I love about the Kanto Bar is the place itself. It sets the relaxing mood and you’re just there to listen to the bands and don’t forget, enjoy good food and drinks! Right now, beside Kanto Bar is a new building that is still under construction to cater more tenants especially those who like to eat and drink while listening to the sounds of music. Perfect time to visit Kanto Bar is at night when the tables and chairs are assembled.

If you’re into live bands and livelier music, then Taboan is a good choice for you! It features local bands who plays music from different genres. There are days when they present cultural music and dances and that makes Taboan unique. There are lots of restos that you can choose from and I tell you, they serve great food! Perfect time to visit Taboan is dinner time since it’s the start of their operation.

Matina Town Square Pavillion
If you’re a frequent visitor here, you’ll remember that this pavillion was non-existent until few years ago. But it served it’s purpose as they hold bazaars and skateboarding contest every year. It’s also the venue for cheerleading and dance practices, Zumba or you just want to have a good shade from the heat of the sun. This venue also hold concerts and special events.

If you want a good place to drink beer, wine and eat, this place is for you! Jickong’s is easily one of the best place for hangouts (or eventually, hangover) and serves as a great destination for those who want to have great time with friends or you just want to be alone and meet new people. You must try their pizza as it has lots of toppings but you’ve got to be careful as some of the them might fall. Otherwise, it’s still a must try if you want something to fill up your hungry tummy. Perfect time to visit is at night time.

Aling Foping’s
Want some snacks? Well, Aling Foping’s established itself as one of the pioneers here in MTS. They specialize their signature halo-halo and it’s one of their must try products as it is one of the best here in Davao. What made their halo-halo unique? You can choose your own 6 ingredients with finely shaved ice and ube ice cream on top. You must also try their bibingka as it has salted egg in the center and their chili con carne. Perfect time to visit is late afternoon and at night.

Woodiz Tea Bar & Resto
Woodiz Tea Bar & Resto is one of the new establishments in MTS. They also serve beers, wines and rums. But you’ve got to try their milk tea! It costs 70 Pesos but it’s worth the money I’ve spent! Perfect time to visit is at night time though. πŸ˜€

MTS are not just for night owls and friends, it’s also a family destination where the little kids can have fun at the playground. Well, it’s not just for the kids but also for the kids at heart (ahem!). But you know that it’s perfect to visit the place with the family is at night time as it’s not warm and the cool air can prevail.

The Park
Your visit in MTS can never be complete without relaxing in the park. When I was in high school, this park was used to have pure green grass and you can play chess using giant pieces. I remembered playing with my cousin and damn! It was lots of fun although you have to lift them up just to move the piece. Whew! Hello Osteoporosis! πŸ˜€

One can sit on the benches or if you have friends and family, gazebo can be a perfect choice. It’s also a place where the lovers can have their own time each other but please don’t display your affection on a public place. It disturbs me a LOT!

Well, that’s it! If you have plans to visit Davao, don’t miss out MTS as this place have everything you want and if you’re talking about the best nightlife here in Davao, MTS is a good choice! Visit Davao, visit MTS!

How to reach MTS:
-You can reach the place by riding a taxi. Usually it takes about 10-20 minutes but it depends on the location.
-You can also ride a jeepney! If you’re in Quirino, ride a Mintal, Calinan, Tugbok jeep. If you’re from San Pedro St., you can ride a Bangkal, Ulas, Matina and Maa jeep. If you’re from Matina, ride a Matina, Ulas, and Toril jeep. If you’re in Ecoland area, I recommend that you ride a taxi or if you want to save money, ride a jeep to K1 Spa and ride a tricycle to MTS. Hope all of this helps! πŸ˜€

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