Krispy Kreme’s Premium Chocolate Creations

I always like chocolates and if there are “pasalubongs” that include chocolates, who am I to resist them? They’re just so tempting to avoid them!

When Krispy Kreme introduced the Premium Chocolates Creations, they all looked so delectable and so delicious to look at to the point that I want one for myself! It’s why I headed to their main branch in SM City Davao – Annex to try out one of their creations.

Premium Chocolate Creations
The Premium Chocolate Creations are specialty doughnuts that offers the best chocolate doughnuts ever created by Krispy Kreme. Some of the known chocolate creations are Ferrero Rocher, Maltesers, Mars, M&M, and Nutella. They’re available in a limited time till next month but there are possibilities of extension depends on the demand.

Ferrero Rocher
For this day, I had the chance to try their one of the bestselling premium chocolate doughnut which is the Ferrero Rocher. Way back in college, I had this love affair with Ferrero Rocher because of its taste and what made this chocolate unique is the balled chocolate inside the wafer-coated chocolate (or what do you call that thing.. :D)

Closer Look
The Serving: The Ferrero Rocher doughnut is a dark-chocolate coated doughnut with chocolate frosting and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate at the center. It’s sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. One look at this doughnut and you’ll salivate and hungry to try especially that Ferrero Rocher chocolate in the middle!

The Taste: The best way to eat this doughnut is using your hand since you can’t slice the Ferrero Rocher chocolate with your fork but be careful with the chocolate frosting though as you can get a bit messy. But if you’re careful while eating, then it’s not a problem. I like this doughnut as it has balance of flavors. The dark chocolate that coats the doughnut gives a little bitterness of the taste which my taste buds favored very much! The chocolate frosting brought the sweetness of the doughnut thus it is a perfect contrast of taste between the dark chocolate and the chocolate frosting. Of course, the Ferrero Rocher is like the added bonus of the doughnut and it goes very well with the doughnut. And since this chocolate is my favorite, I indulged until its very last piece!

The Price: Each doughnut from Premium Chocolate Creations are 50 Pesos each. But I tell you, they’re worth every penny you spent! 😀

My Words: Although they’re more expensive than the regular doughnuts, they’re worthy of their title “Premium Chocolate Creations” as they were made to be more special and attractive. Although I haven’t tried their Nutella doughnut which is one unfortunate thing, I’ll say this to the Nutella doughtnut “I shall return and eat you!” 😀

How about you? What Premium Chocolate Creations doughnut have you tried? Share it here!

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