How to Get Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Here are some tips on how to get lower car insurance premiums:

1. Install an alarm, immobilizer and tracker in your car. When the insurance company sees that this car has fewer risks involved from theft, the computation for the insurance premium could be lowered as well.

2. Show the car insurance company that you have passed the advance driver’s test. This will prove to the car insurance company that you are less adverse to an accident.

3. Don’t fool the car insurance agent by exaggerating the value of your car. This will not achieve anything but could serve to annoy the agent and they just might increase your premium. When you claim the insurance money, you will only be paid for the market value of your car at the time you made the claim.

4. Maintain a good credit rating history. Having a good credit rating history means you are responsible enough to pay. This is more specifically for people who will pay their car insurance periodically rather than as a whole.

5. The cheapest kind of insurance is Third Party Only. It is cheap because it will only give minimum coverage. This type of insurance should be considered by people having a car with low value. One thing to remember though about this type of insurance is that when you have an accident, the damage to your vehicle will not be covered for repair.

6. Try to avoid having bad records on your licence as this will increase the insurance premiums.

7. Try not to add some unnecessary drivers when applying for car insurance. I.e., if you have a younger driver that also uses the car, try not to include the younger driver. Including the younger will increase premiums.

8. On the other hand if you are a younger driver, bring an adult. If a younger driver’s insurance is named after an adult the premium will be lowered. The premium for younger drivers are higher because they give a perception that they are still newbie drivers and are higher risks.

By following the above tips, you should be able to make a saving on your car insuarance premiums.

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