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Nowadays, there are restaurants sprouting all over the city offering not just good foods but also mouthwatering ones that you have the urge to call a cab and head straight to that restaurant.

Well, what if, a mouthwatering and at the same time, healthy and organic? Odd combination right? But well, Echostore in Diversion Road, Buhangin side is here to prove everyone that it’s possible! πŸ˜€

Echostore in Diversion Road, Buhangin
This day was exciting to me as I was invited by my friend Ofelia who is a birthday celebrant, together with my other friend Karen to dine in this restaurant. Knowing that Echostore is all organic and I love eating healthy, I gave this one a try but actually, we planned this one all along. πŸ˜€

This concept of store/resto is kind of new to me and to think that it’s organic, well, this made everything interesting. From the products they sell, to the food they serve, this made me so curious and somehow, eager to try them!

Inside Echostore
Inside Echostore gives the rustic feel that it can make you think that you’re somewhere in a countryside where it’s isolated from the city. I’m really digging this concept since I love this kind of atmosphere that is relaxing and has the feels of being at home, ready to eat good food.

Healthy and Organic Foods being displayed

Products from Human Nature
In Echostore, there are 2 choices: Either you buy or you eat. If you want to buy their products, you can just drop by and buy something from them. But if you want to eat, you’re more than welcome to stay and enjoy their organic meals that only Echostore can provide. There are plentiful of them to choose that this can turn you into an indecisive customer for minutes. πŸ˜€

Spring Rolls (like.. literally!)
First, we were served with these interesting Spring Rolls. Unlike the Spring Rolls that I’ve tasted, they took this one literally! It’s wrapped with lettuce leaves with sticks of carrots and turnips. The transparent wrapper is edible so, don’t hesitate to eat it too! They’re pretty big to be consumed by one diner (unless you’re really hungry!) so I only ate one. πŸ˜€

This Spring Rolls can’t be really tasty without the sauce that makes it very delicious to eat! It’s a perfect complement with the Spring Rolls and the carrot and turnips are crunchy too! I was like eating a Spring season on my plate with all the vegetables and fruits are on my table, ready to be consumed. πŸ˜€

Another one on the roll is the Tortilla with white cheese, cream cheese and spinach inside. What I love with this tortilla is the creaminess of the cheese and the taste is just right: Not salty nor rich, just the perfect taste of cheese. The lettuce with syrup gave sweetness to the dish but it is the syrup who brought lots of it! πŸ˜€

The Vegetarian Pizza (Or I really don’t know the name..)
Want a pizza but not guilty of eating too many? This Vegetarian Pizza (Or I suppose it is..) is your answer to your cravings.

It looks like the usual pizza with lots of cheese, tomato paste and some good ol’ ingredients in the pizza but since Echostore promotes organic and healthy dining, this pizza is not an exemption to the rule thus, even though it’s organic, it’s still scrumptious and mouthwatering that you’ll get not just one, but two or even the whole pan will do (Depending on how hungry are you..).

Al Tonno Pasta
Well, since Ate Ofelia asked us to order a pasta dish, I couldn’t ignore since it’s her birthday. I ended up ordering something that I haven’t tried and I always go for the unconventional and a different route. I ordered the Al Tonno Pasta which is an Italian pasta dish for Tuna Pasta. And true to its name, it has the linguine pasta, tuna, parmesan cheese, drizzle of olive oil and slices of bread on the side.

I love how plentiful the pasta is and of course, being a pasta lover, I like the pasta being cooked al dente which means, it needs to be firm, not soggy. What I love about this pasta is the abundance of tuna which is why it’s called a tuna pasta (duh!).

Chocolate Cake made of Tablea
To cap off the day, we were served with a Chocolate Cake made of Tablea. According to the sister of Ate Ofelia (which happened to be the store manager), it has to taste somewhat bitter but there was no bitterness when we tasted the cake. Although, we didn’t know that it really has to be bitter but we ended up liking the cake. πŸ˜€

This day was indeed special for all of us since it’s Ate Ofelia’s birthday and the best way to celebrate the day was just to be with her on her special day. I’m sure she was happy seeing us and treated us by eating healthy and organic meals that both our cravings and our tummies satisfied. Thank you Echostore for the gastronomic but healthy meals and to Ate Ofelia for inviting us over. πŸ˜€

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