Getting Your Write-Off and Driving it Too

So, you’re happy with your car. Actually, scratch that, you’re in LOVE with your car and one day, you’re out expressing that love on the open road when BAM! The insurance company tells you to pull the plug and move on – that the car is a write off.

But they couldn’t possibly know how it feels to be so… alone. You want to stay with it, to make it work – what are your options?

Well, first of all, you’d be in the minority. Most drivers when given a write-off from their insurance company, would rather take it and run – even into a much lesser vehicle – than drive a car with serious (even well-repaired) damage.

However, if you simply must have Herbie back, then the benchmark is to negotiate the best total loss value you can negotiate with the insurance company (total loss=write-off) and then offer them “salvage value”, or what the wreckage would bring at auction (note, there is no set formula for ascertaining salvage value – your best bet is to call a local salvage yard and get an estimate). Then, your cousin’s friend in Daytona who owns an auto body shop can work his magic on it.

But be warned: Reputable insurance companies generally write off vehicles based on thousands of miles of experience. They know the relative value of vehicle, so bucking a write-off is a risky proposition from start to finish.

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