Eating Lunch: The Cafe Asia Way

After a week and 5 days rest from blogging, here I am again! Okay, I have a little sympathy since it’s now infested with mosquitoes and other filthy creatures, I’ve got to bathe my blog and freshen it up to be noticed once again. πŸ˜€

Davao Gourmet Collective was a blast! I had the chance to try some of the specialties from different booths and I must say they were all delicious and different. While in the event, Dulce informed those who were present in the event that we should head on the new restaurant in Torres Street called Cafe Asia. It sounds familiar since I always take a glimpse on its sign in front of the Metro Lifestyle Building. I was excited and after eating something at the event, I went with Karla and Dulce to Torres Street. Karla dropped us at the venue since she had to work. Only Dulce and I proceeded to Cafe Asia

Inside Cafe Asia
Once inside Cafe Asia, you’ll notice right ahead the dominance of color orange; from the chairs to the ornaments. The reason why it’s orange because according to the owner, it’s a lucky color thus, the owner wants to incorporate the orange color into the restaurant. It catches my attention since most of the Chinese restaurants I’ve seen have dark colors in it. This was like a breathe of fresh air.. πŸ˜€

The Bountiful Lunch!
When I arrived at our designated place, I was welcomed with this bountiful lunch! I didn’t expect that it would be so many and all of them looked so delicious! I just couldn’t wait to try them all but since I ate some at the Davao Gourmet Collective, I wasn’t really hungry. My aim was just to eat a little of each dish served on the table. The owner told us that all they served to us were their specialties and that made me happy! πŸ˜€

For salad, we were served with Seafood Roll with Mango. I’m not sure if I can call this a salad but nonetheless, I tried this one and it was like burst of flavors in my mouth!

The crunch of the roll was like music to my ears while munching it. I also love the color of it which made the Seafood Roll more appetizing.

For their soup they served Watchay with Asparagus and Quail Eggs.

What I love about this soup is the richness of its consistency. All of the ingredients were in harmony and when combined, it produced a great flavor and what made me love this soup more was the quail eggs.

This is their Dimsum Platter. It consists of different kinds of dimsum in one plate.

I have to be honest but I can’t identify each of them but all of them are worth to try on. They’re equally delicious, with soy sauce or not. I don’t have the price since it was not given to us and I also didn’t ask for it. :DFor their appetizer, they served us this Fried Shrimp Roll.

Just like their Seafood Roll, this one also has lots of flavors and of course, something that I would want to order again. I loved the taste and indeed a perfect appetizer before the main course meals are served.

To start the main course, they served us Curry Chicken in Hot Pot. I always love to eat Curry Chicken back home and this one got me curious on how it taste like.

Unlike other curries I’ve tried, the soup is richer but anything else was good. Just like other curry dish, it’s a bit spicy but it’s what the curry should be.

This is their Salt & Pepper Spareribs. As you notice, they always have “atchara” or pickled vegetables as a side dish.

I consider this dish as one of my favorites. This version of spareribs was a lot tastier and doesn’t even need soy sauce to add more flavor. I recommend this dish for you to try on. πŸ™‚

This is their Cream Dory in Sweet & Sour Sauce. This dish was presented beautifully in my opinion. It’s like a garland of vegetables and sauce in one plate with cream dory in it.

This dish is my personal favorite as I’m a sweet and sour dish lover and this one is on my list. The cream dory was cooked perfectly and it complemented very well with the sweet & sour sauce. If you love sweet and sour dish, try this one.For beef, they have the Sauteed Beef with Broccoli Flower. It’s a dish with thin slices of beef being sauteed surrounded with broccoli and other vegetables.

When I tasted the beef, I think it was good but the beef was not cooked enough as I’ve expected. Maybe they had their beef in medium well since I can still see the pinkish color of the meat. Nonetheless, it’s still a good dish to try.

Of course, a Chinese lunch wouldn’t be complete without Yang Chow Rice! When you talk about this rice dish, it’s mixed with vegetables and egg thus it’s a complete meal already.

I only had a spoonful of this rice but all of the ingredients are in it! This Yang Chow Rice has more vegetables than others that I’ve tried. It’s indeed a complete meal!

If you want a veggie dish, this Mixed Vegetables with Seafood and Quail Egg is for you! This dish also have mushrooms.

When I tasted this dish, it reminded me of Chopsuey thus it is perfect for those who want to pass on eating red meat and focus on this dish. I still love the quail eggs though. πŸ˜€

And to cap off our lunch, each of us were served with Buko Pandan with Vanilla Ice Cream. As you’ve noticed, the ice cream already melted as it was prepared an hour before our arrival in the restaurant.

Because the ice cream melted, the taste was also affected. It was a too sweet for me and I wasn’t able to finish the entire dessert but I think if I return to this resto, I’ll make sure to taste this one again and I’m sure I can see a much better Buko Pandan with Vanilla Ice Cream. πŸ™‚

Well, our lunch at Cafe Asia was satisfying as I was able to try their most delicious dishes they have. If you want to stuff yourself up and commit gluttony in an affordable price, this Chinese restaurant is for you to try and munch on. Thanks Ms. Dulce for inviting us! If I have time, I would recommend this to my family to have dinner at this restaurant and I hope they’ll be really satisfied as I’m happy with the dishes they’ve served. Thank you Cafe Asia for the wonderful lunch.

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