Downtown Dining @ Primo Cafe & Grille

Located just in front of The Apo View Hotel, this restaurant was a vacant lot, ready to be occupied that transformed the landscape and marked itself as the place to have a downtown dining while in a busy intersection.

Primo Cafe & Grille was established last 2012, together with KTM and to be honest, they made the place and the landscape 10 times better than before, leaving a good impression among the passers by and of course, the customers dining at their resto! πŸ˜€

Inside Primo Cafe & Grille

Primo Cafe & Grille boasts spacious interiors that could serve several customers at a time and they even have more space outside the resto for those who prefer al fresco dining. This resto reminds me of a local pub in a U.S city which, can make a customer believe they’ve been transported to that place. Well, in my case, I love how they made use of the place and turn into something so awesome! πŸ˜€


Tuna Sashimi Diablo
Tuna Sashimi Diablo is a level-up of a usual Tuna Sashimi that we eat and it’s perfectly paired with wanton chips to scrape the Tuna Sashimi. By having the name “diablo”, it’s understood that it’s gonna be one hell of a spicy appetizer! Price: 165 Pesos.

Even though this dish is expected to be spicy, different flavors circulated in my mouth and it’s one tasty appetizer that I would love to pick and eat again and again. The wanton chips are not the usual chips that I see in appetizers but it also has a nice crunch and perfect with Tuna Sashimi to complete the dish. Asian-inspired indeed! With a nice touch of spiciness. πŸ˜€

Cheese Stick Flautas
When it comes to cheese sticks, I always want to grab one just to satisfy my cravings. These Cheese Stick Flautas consists of cheese with cumin, paprika and green bell peppers in lumpia wrappers. It’s also served with roasted tomato salsa. Price: 150 Pesos.

The cheese sticks themselves are already delicious and with the addition of green bell peppers, it reminded me of what I’ve eaten 3 years ago in a resto. Good thing I wasn’t the recipient of the spicy one and for this food tasting, I still passed! Of course, these Cheese Stick Flautas tasted like other cheese sticks but they’re so good! πŸ˜€

Sizzling Beef Tendon
If you’re to ask me the appetizer that I would be so addicted to, it’s this one! The Sizzling Beef Tendon. Not only because it’s beef, but every element of this dish were combined perfectly! It’s drowned with gravy and topped with sliced garlic served in a hot plate. Price: 220 Pesos.

Indeed, this version of Sizzling Beef Tendon is a must try for those who love beef. It’s gravy is just so addictive that I have to admit, I love taking a sip of it. The beef tendon contained most fats but maybe if paired with rice, this would be delicious and tasty!

Mushrooms and Chorizo
The last appetizer that was served to us is the Mushroom and Chorizo. It consists of button mushrooms sauteed in olive oil & garlic with chorizo cubes and caramelized onions. Price: 185 Pesos.

The abundance of button mushrooms made me a happy kid since I love eating mushrooms and also caramelized onions. Although it’s not a stand out with most of the appetizers, it also has flavors that could boast and again, I was the one who ate most of the mushrooms. πŸ˜€

Pesto Linguini
All pastas are my favorite. In fact, they’re my comfort food and my guilty pleasure if I want to eat something good and satisfying for my beloved tummy. This Pesto Linguini is one of my favorites to eat next to Pasta Aglio Olio. The first time I’ve tasted this version of pesto pasta was like a heaven’s sent! This pasta consists of pesto sauce with toasted cashew nuts, linguini and parmesan cheese. Price: 155 Pesos.

Me and my blogger friend Jean (Pal Raine of expected this version of pesto pasta to be oily but when this was served, it was dry but the flavors were still intact. Lately, I went to try again the Pesto Linguini and I was impressed that it was not as dry as I’ve expected and in fact, I enjoyed eating with my friend Rex while having a humorous conversation. πŸ˜€

Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger
If you’re into burgers and want one, this Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger might fit the bill! This dish will solve your hunger issues as it consists of beef patty, melted cheddar & mozzarella cheese and bacon strips in a buttered bun. It’s also served with potato fries on the side. Price: 255 Pesos with fries and 210 Pesos if a la carte.

Because, there were many of us in one table, we divided the burger equally and all of us had equal share but even though it was good for one bite, all flavors sunk in! The patty was big and juicy and I admit, I want another bite of the burger but had no chance to do so. I’ve got nothing to worry though as I could still have another shot of eating this juicy and flavorful burger! Watch out! πŸ˜€

Shrimp Diavel Pasta
Another pasta dish was served to us and this time, it’s seafood! It’s Shrimp Diavel Pasta and it consists of spicy gambas with Home-made Marinara sauce and red pepper flakes. By the looks of it, the color seems so vibrant and attractive that this could pass as one of the dish in food porn album. πŸ˜€
Price: 250 Pesos.

Although it’s expected to be a spicy pasta dish, I actually love dishes that are spiced up and Shrimp Diavel Pasta is on my list of a must-eat-again dish. The gambas were perfectly cooked and can be chewed easily. All flavors were in harmony and would love to have a plate of this pasta dish on my own. πŸ˜€

Primo Supremo Pizza
Pizza is also one of my favorite dish to eat (in fact, I just ate one now!) and what I love about pizza is, you can never go wrong whatever ingredient you want to play with. But this takes time to actually get the right flavor that goes very well to satisfy the palate of a customer. This Primo Supremo Pizza is one example that satisfied both my taste palate and my tummy. This pizza consists of anchovies, garlic, onion and mozarella. Price: 360 Pesos.

When it’s thin crust, just expect that the crust would be crunchy and since the pizza overall is thin, you might as well be very careful on how to eat it. This pizza may not have much ingredients given that it’s called the supremo pizza, this pizza can outdo other pizzas when we talk about the taste. You may grab 1 or 3 slices of this pizza as the ingredients were perfectly placed to match the flavor in every slice of pizza. It’s a must try for those who are into thin crust pizza with less ingredients but more of the flavor. πŸ˜€

Grilled Cheese, Tomato and Basil
If there’s one sandwich I would find here at Primo, this one is the answer. This Grilled Cheese, Tomato and Basil consists of pan-grilled mozzarella & cheddar melt with pomodoro and fresh basil in whole wheat. In other words, a healthy sandwich that you’ll never be guilty of eating! Price: 185 Pesos with fries and 140 Pesos if a la carte.

A bite of this sandwich was like a euphoria! This can be a bit exaggerated but the cheddar melt was like the star of this sandwich which made me crave for one more bite (even two!). And the bread they used is the whole wheat bread which guarantees the healthiness of the sandwich with the ingredients that can make your guilt be may not be a guilt after all. πŸ˜€

Sweet Treats

Classic Golden Waffle
Price: 110 Pesos

Price: 160 Pesos

Hazelnut and Banana Waffle
Price: 140 Pesos

Mango Jubilee Waffle
Price: 170 Pesos
Individually, these waffles are just so delectable and drool-worthy but the Mango Jubilee Waffle takes the cake! The sweetness of the mango complemented very well with the vanilla ice cream and syrup. Of course, the waffle is delicious and big!

The second is the Banaffle which is also one waffle that I would dig in in a heartbeat! Overall, All of the waffles were equally delicious and a must try for all. For the price, they may be expensive but you’ve just got to try! πŸ˜€

Thank you Primo Cafe & Grille for all the delicious dishes that is being served for the bloggers. They’re all lamon-worthy but I have no regrets on eating them all! Till we meet again! πŸ˜€

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