Davao: Relaxing While Being Busy

Let’s admit, it’s hard to relax while you’re in a busy city! Walk here, run there, work here, eat there.. Well, it’s a man’s life when you’re in a city especially in a metro. But of course, there’s time for us to just relax for a while. Here in Davao, even the city is progressing and getting busy, there are places that you can just sit down and relax. In this entry, I took pictures of the parks and its people, just having a good time!

Big Screen TV
When in San Pedro Street, one must notice a big screen TV that illuminates the street. While resting in a park, you may watch the shows for free! πŸ˜€

City Hall of Davao
This is the City of Hall of Davao. Since it’s foundation, the structure remained the same, underwent some renovation and with the repainting of this structure, it gave a fresh look but I do hope that they’ll renovate the interiors to look modern. πŸ™‚

Rizal Park
If you find yourself exhausted from your work or you’re just tired from walking, Rizal park has lots of benches for you to sit on and maybe, have a conversation with a stranger. You may also want to have your picture taken from the photographers or just bring a camera and take a selfie! πŸ˜€

Just beside Rizal Park is a quadrangle where children play various games or just want to eat some ice cream by manong or if you just want to take a walk.

The Church and the Government
If there’s one favorite spot for me to take picture is the statue (as seen from above) facing the church. I don’t know but it gets me every time I pass by and my hands are always itching to take a picture on this one. The reality is, the church and the government always have issues in almost anything especially the sensitive ones. It’s why the picture that I took is a perfect example on what’s happening as of this moment. πŸ™‚

Quezon Park
After the Sangguniang Panglungsod, I just had to walk few meters away to reach the Quezon Park. It’s filled with tall trees and of course, benches. They offer massages, even manicure and pedicure for those who want their nails to look good. If you want your brain to be squeezed out, then there are chess tables for you to play on with those who are regulars. Or if you feel like you just want to sit, relax and breathe fresh air, benches are provided anywhere and you may meet a friend while staying.

Museo Dabawenyo
If you feel like going back in the past and curious about Davao’s past, head to Museo Dabawenyo to see the artifacts and valuable items. From different tribes’ houses, attire, customs, to the old pictures of Davao and declaration as a city. The entrance is free but you must log-in and deposit your bag to the baggage counter. But remember, you are NOT allowed to take pictures once the tour starts but there’s one room that you’re allowed to take pictures though unless the artist allows you to do so. But you can have a picture in front of the museum. πŸ™‚

Just a few walks away and you’ll find the Bonifacio Circle. At the back is Colasas BBQ where they serve of course, pork and chicken barbecue. If you’re from the park and you want to have lunch or dinner then this is a good choice. Behind Colasas is the Magallanes Residences.

There are tons of choices to relax when you’re in Davao. Whether you want in People’s Park or just want to sit in Rizal Park or want to have massage at Quezon Park, the choices are endless. But what I want to see here in Davao is a big park with lots of lush trees, a lake and yes, benches! But anyhow, let’s enjoy these parks and relax. πŸ™‚

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