Cronuts Craze @ Cafe France

Just last month when cronuts invaded Philippines, foodies and bloggers were all crazy about it! Posting their reviews and pictures made me salivate and hoping when can I taste the scrumptious cronuts that made my eyes glued on the monitor!

Luckily, when Karla posted an event about the cronuts by Cafe France, I immediately signed up and all six bloggers were invited to the event! I couldn’t contain my excitement since it will be our time to munch in the cronuts!

Cafe France – Rizal Branch
The venue of the cronuts event was at their Rizal branch. This was my first time to visit this branch. They opened last year and this is their 1st branch followed by The Peak and the upper ground of Gaisano Mall of Davao. Right now, their latest branch is at the Pryce Business Park beside Maybank Bajada branch.

The Cronuts poster and signage
One can see the poster about the cronuts and it’s their latest product by Cafe France. It also means one thing; you’re welcome to taste their cronuts! Of course, you have to buy it for 99 Pesos a piece. It might be pricey but it’s worth a try. 😀

When entering Cafe France – Rizal Branch, you’ll be welcomed by their store signage that lights beautifully at night.

Inside Cafe France – Rizal Branch
This branch was an ancestral house until Cafe France converted this house into a classic, homey restaurant. It is evident as the window panels and walls are still the same and they tweaked the place a little bit. Ceiling fans were all around the restaurant to spread more cold air from the air conditioner. They also have a function room for private events. While waiting for the cronuts to be served in our table, the bloggers who were invited had a funny conversation and it effectively reduced our boredom. 😀

Before the cronuts were served on our table, we were made to order our drinks to perfectly pair them with cronuts. I chose cappuccino and few minutes after, it was served on the table. I mixed the cappuccino with 2 sachets of white sugar and it was so good!

Few minutes later, the cronuts were served on our table and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! But since all of us want to taste all the flavors, the cronuts were sliced to get the fair share.

Classic Chocolate Cronut
The chocolate-flavored cronut is a popular cronut and it’s the bestseller. When eating this cronut, you have to be very careful as the filling inside oozes out while eating thus you need your hand to be ready to catch the chocolate filling. The chocolate was so good even though we messed up and some went into my hand. It’s not so sweet which is my preferred flavor of the chocolate. The cronut itself has a crunch when biting it but it’s so soft too!

Lemon Custard Cronut
The lemon-flavored is one of the cronut flavors they offer. It has a lemon-filling inside and top of the cronut with the lemon zest. As expected, it has this tangy flavor that I loved and it’s also delicious! I haven’t tried the lemon zest though.

Salted Caramel Cronut
The salted caramel cronut is also one of the flavors which I happen to love too! It has this caramel filling inside and on top of the cronut with the rock salt. I have to say sorry for the chocolate lovers but this salted caramel cronut won my heart! It has the right balance of sweet and salty flavors which made my taste buds rightfully agree on to my judgement. To be honest, all of them were so delicious but the salted caramel cronut is my favorite!

Dark Chocolate bun
On this event, we also had the chance to try their Dark Chocolate bun. It’s a bun covered with dark chocolate. It has no filling inside but I enjoyed munching on this bun! The dark chocolate was tasty and it was the one who gave flavors to the bun.

Hawaiian and Vegetarian Pizza
Cafe France also served us with their mouthwatering pizzas and this was a great treat! I only tasted the Hawaiian Pizza since I was so busy with other things. Hehe!

The Hawaiian Pizza had lots of toppings which made my eyes so happy and when I took a bite of this pizza, flavors were playing in my mouth. I can taste all the flavors of the pizza and I tell you, I would love to order this pizza again!

Cronut package
For those who would love to eat their cronuts at home, worry no more as they also have a package for it! They were fitted just at the right size of the cronut.

Before I went to the office, I bought their cronuts so that my family can taste them and it’s also a chance for me to witness on how they fill up their cronuts. When they said that I had to wait for five minutes for them to fill up the cronuts, I was okay with it. I asked them if I could take pictures while the cronuts were filled. Luckily, I was permitted to take pictures and I couldn’t be any happier to do it!

Filling up the cronut with chocolate filling

Filling up the cronut with salted caramel filling
After 5 minutes, the cronuts were filled up and was put into the package. I was more than happy to bring the cronuts home and shared them with my family. Thank you Cafe France for treating us with the delectable cronuts and Karla for inviting the bloggers to the event. This will be one of the memorable events that I will remember.

For those who want a bite of cronuts, please visit Cafe France in these following branches:
1.) Cafe France – Gaisano Mall of Davao (Upper Ground Floor)
2.) Cafe France – The Peak
3.) Cafe France – Rizal Branch
4.) Cafe France – Pryce Business Park (beside Maybank)

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