Choosing the Best Car Insurance Policy

Choosing the Best Car Insurance Policy – Currently there are many car insurance companies standing because car sales growth is arguably quite tempting the insurance business world. We as a vehicle or car owner must be more careful in choosing which car insurance we will buy to protect our car.

1. Adjusted to Your Needs
There are 2 types of vehicle insurance that you can choose and consider, namely:

All Risk or Comprehensive Insurance
This insurance will guarantee almost all risks that may occur in your vehicle.
Total Loss Only (TLO) Insurance

This insurance will only guarantee vehicle damage that occurs above 75%, meaning that various accidents or minor damage will not be guaranteed by it.

Now if your vehicle is used daily for big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya or even Medan, then it is better to take All Risk or Comprehensive insurance because we know that there are currently a lot of vehicles on the road starting from bicycles, tricycles, motorbikes , cars to trucks crowded the streets of big cities and added a lot of traffic awareness that has not been good, so often we are in accordance with traffic rules and be careful, but other people are not careful, causing our cars to be hit.

2. Company Credibility
Lots of vehicle insurance companies are currently growing like mushrooms, they are racing to earn a fortune in a growing, automated world.

All Investors are racing to establish a general insurance company to take advantage of the car insurance business cake.

Because more and more car insurance companies are just opening up and they are fighting over the car insurance market, many car insurance companies are sacrificing anything to reach as many clients as possible in various ways and also because they are competing with insurance companies that have been established for a long time. As a result they do not see what if many of their clients claim and stock up on their capital reserves to pay claims.

So one of the important points for taking car insurance is seeing

Is the company credible enough so far?
Is it enough bona fide for the company?
Is it supported by strong capital if there is a massive claim?

3. 24-hour Call Center
Car insurance is very important to be supported by a 24-hour call center in handling claims or we have difficulties on the road to our car. We cannot rely on insurance agents to stand by 24 hours in the event of a claim for our car.

Remember that disaster cannot be predicted when it happens? Where did it happen? So the 24-hour call center support for car insurance is very important.

4. General Partner Workshop and Authorized Workshop
Vehicle insurance in addition to supporting 24-hour call center support must also be supported by a network of insurance partner workshops spread across major cities in Indonesia as well as Authorized workshops in collaboration with the insurance company. More and more general partner workshops and authorized workshops working together with insurance companies indicate that the insurance companies are in demand and recognized by many workshops.

And it can also be seen that there are many good workshops that work together with insurance companies because not all workshops are easy to work with insurance companies because many insurance companies sometimes have difficulty paying claims to the workshop.

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