Chiyo: Ramen & Yakiniku Destination

To try out something new is always my mission and I never fail to find one. It’s why when Karla invited the bloggers to try out Chiyo, I had to sign up since of course, I love Japanese cuisine and this is one event that I don’t want to miss.

Chiyo is located in Lanang and if you’re familiar with Jaime’s and West Empire, it’s located in the exact place. I’m really excited as this was the restaurant that I haven’t tried in this compound. Since the owner loves food so much, they decided to put up a compound that is a destination for foodies. Gotta love the idea though. ๐Ÿ˜€

Inside Chiyo
When inside this restaurant, you’ll feel the modern Japanese ambiance with its colors dominated with red, brown and black. The pillars are made of wood just to make the restaurant give the Japanese vibe which I adore so much! The stones on the floor added bonus on the decoration. Overall, I love the ambiance.

The Appetizer
This is our appetizer which is a salad (and I just forgot the name! Ugh!). It consists of tuna, and minced vegetables with sliced tomato on the side. It’s one delicious salad that I’ve tasted. The taste of tuna complements well with the vegetables.

When you talk about Ramen, it’s a big bowl of noodle soup with sliced pork and boiled egg. Take note, they made the noodles themselves which made their ramen more authentic. In this event, we had three Ramen that we have to try and they are Shoyu, Shio and Miso. Shoyu is a ramen which is based on soy sauce while Shio is a salt-based ramen and Miso is a miso-based ramen.

Among the three that I’ve tried, I just fell in love with the Miso-based ramen! The flavors were just like a party in my mouth! One sip of the soup and I knew I’m up for something good. If I’m to order this ramen, I would finish it till the last drop!

Chiyo would not be called the Yakiniku house without these delicious and mouthwatering Yakinikus! It’s also one reason why we’re being called and that is to try their Yakinikus. The ones that I’ve tried were the US Beef Tongue, Beef Tenderloin and Chicken (I guess!). It’s grilled in a ventilated grillers which means, it’s smokeless.

Of all the Yakinikus that I’ve tasted, this maybe weird but I loved the US Beef Tongue! Why? First, it doesn’t look like a beef tongue, second, it doesn’t taste like a tongue which is a plus point for me. It’s topped with fried minced garlic which it added more flavor to the dish. Other Yakinikus are also good but it’s the US Beef Tongue that made me eat more. Their Yakinikus are priced from 180 to 200 Pesos only.

But one thing’s missing and that is the green tea! A Japanese cuisine would never be complete without the much loved green tea. It helps the digestion and it’s always my partner whenever I’m up for something big but I hope next time they will serve green tea to further satisfy my appetite. ๐Ÿ˜€

So, if you want a different experience of Japanese cuisine, Chiyo is a perfect place to dine with family and friends. They’re affordable and at the same time, authentic. If given a chance, I would love to visit this restaurant again, have myself a bowl of miso ramen and US Beef Tongue Yakiniku. Oishi! ๐Ÿ˜€


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