Bean Leaf Davao: Bean Here, Done That!

Coffee shops in Davao are still a ‘thing’ especially if they have different themes and concepts which a customer would be curious to find out what is inside the coffee shop, what do they offer or the very basic, what’s the coffee shop all about? Well, it’s why I went to Bean Leaf at The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao to find out.

Bean Leaf recently created a buzz since its opening as it was attended by bloggers, social media personalities and other guests. Also, this coffee shop occupied the space of the Creamery Cafe which is now located inside G-Mall. Bean Leaf’s location is also convenient since it’s the first store that you’ll notice right away when you’re heading at The Peak.

Inside Bean Leaf

Earth Colors with yellow couches

Nowadays, the trend of every coffee shop is mostly have the earth colors dominate with unique touches. For Bean Leaf, the earth colors did dominate but with yellow accents on their couches and chairs which is a stand out.

Inside Bean Leaf is a small space to accommodate customers who just want to have a great time with friends. But small space with full of customers is another thing. It can be a bit noisy but you can still hear each other though. Now, what I love with this coffee shop is the existence of throw pillows which is a plus points since I love hugging them and can make everything comfortable!

The counter with the menu posted on the wall
Honestly, I was expecting that they’re just gonna offer coffees, pasta and other dishes but my eyes went sparkling when I saw the list of milk teas on the menu! Immediately, I went on to the left section of their menu and carefully scanned the list of each milk tea. But, I ended up asking one of the staff their best-seller and they’ve suggested the Okinawa Milk Tea.

I asked what’s Okinawa Milk Tea and why is it called as such. There was no clear explanation why but they told me that it’s mixed with brown sugar, etc. etc. and it went on till I was completely perplexed. In other words, I didn’t get much information about Okinawa Milk Tea and just gave up. They also had no clue why their milk teas are named like that. Like.. WHAT?! O__O

Anyway, Karen and I just ordered their Okinawa Milk Tea since as what they’ve said, it’s their best-seller. But as usual, milk tea is not enough so, we added Crispy Fried Squid to satisfy our hunger. And… Karen asked the staff what is Crispy Fried Squid made of which made my eyes widened, made the staff laughed a lot and ended up everyone of us in the counter laughing! Such an epic scene! 😀

This is the Okinawa Milk Tea which is their best-seller among the milk teas. I’ve got to admit, I got curious about the taste and will it be different from other milk teas that I’ve tried? Well, this was the moment of truth that I have to face. Price: 80 Pesos.

For the taste, I can say it’s delicious and has the taste of the tea which I like. But the downside of Okinawa Milk Tea is, there’s nothing special about the milk tea. In fact, I can compare the taste like in Tealoca. Yes, it’s good but there were no qualities that it can stand out against other milk teas.

Since I love being unconventional, we tried the Crispy Fried Squid which we thought it looked like Calamares. It may look different but of course, we had to try this one! This dish consists of fried squid, flavored chips and garlic mayo as the dip.

Surprisingly, the Crispy Fried Squid had a nice crunch when I took a bite and it was not chewy at all! It was so soft that it went smoothly with the fork that I’ve used. The garlic mayo was sweet which was unexpected since I thought it would taste something different but with the Crispy Fried Squid, it tasted even better! But if it’s sour cream, I would totally dig this!

The chips were also good since it’s cheese and I love cheese! But it would be better if it’s just salted potato chips and it would be perfect! (Well, it’s just me and my taste buds though). Overall, this dish is already good on its own. Just little changes will do. 🙂


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