Banahaw Heals Spa: New Spa in Town!

I frequently pass by on spas in the malls and I just love how relaxing the environment once entering their establishment. It’s like you’re in different dimension of peace and tranquility. Some people who are tired from work would head immediately to their favorite spa just to relax and get rid of stress that they have. Oftentimes, it’s like a getaway to a great rest for those who are so workaholic and can already feel pain in parts of their body. Just yesterday, Sarah Gavile invited few bloggers to try out the services of the new spa in Davao City. It’s called Banahaw Heals Spa. It’s really popular in the Calabarzon and Manila area as it already has 327 branches with Davao as their 328th. It’s also the widest franchise of spa nationwide that caters massage enthusiasts all around Luzon.

Banahaw Heals Spa as I’ve said, is their 1st branch outside Luzon and it’s still growing. In fact, their Luzon branches are just 3 kilometers apart. It shows how popular Banahaw Heals Spa is.

Types of Massages and memberships
Banahaw Heals Spa specializes on massages that are affordable and can cater all classes. The goal is to satisfy customers with the kind of massage that they deserve. It’s even more affordable if you’re a member as it has a great discount on their services. The best massage that they can offer is their 5 in 1 massage. It runs for 1 hour and it’s their signature massage. It’s only at Banahaw Heals Spa that you can avail this service.

The 5 in 1 massage includes:
– Swedish Massage
– Shiatsu
– Tuna
– Hilot
– Thai Massage

Banahaw Heals Spa has two rooms. The Receiving Area and VIP Area. The Receiving Area (top) caters to customers who will just come and go and it’s usually a busy area as they cater reservations from the customers or inquiries about the services they offer. The VIP Area (below) caters to customers who receives a 5 in 1 massage treatment. It’s also the area where it’s more quiet and they can be more relaxed. The place is just so relaxing. Even though the place is small but they made most of the space and it’s done beautifully. The rooms are not that cold as I’ve expected. But it’s the experience of having a back massage is what I was looking for. Therefore I didn’t mind about the humidity of their rooms. VIP Area
During the soft opening, we were welcome to try their services and I chose to have a back massage since I always have backaches every time I arrive home. I would just lie down in my bed and relax for a while. I have to admit, it’s my first time to have a back massage and I really wanna experience how it feels to be massaged. I was made to choose either soft, medium or hard massage and I just chose a soft massage.

My back massage ran for 30 minutes and it was so good! The masseur was still a newbie but he did a great job. There were some parts that I find it so ticklish that I had to cover my face with a pillow but the rest was just fine. The masseur and masseuse were trained for 2 weeks and had a 6 months of schooling about the massage. I have to admit, for a soft level of massage, it was already hard for me but it’s alright, I’m not that injured. 😀

Yummy Kakanins! Palitao (left), Sapin-Sapin (center), Biko (right)
After the massage, the masseur told me to rest for a while then had my shirt on right after I rested for few minutes. We were served with delicious kakanins right in front of us! Each kakanin costs 150 Pesos per box and they’re just so yummy! They’re also the ones who made all the kakanins. If you want an order, you can just call them right away!

Bloggers with the owners of Banahaw Heals Spa
Banahaw Heals Spa truly is one spa that everyone should visit. Their services are so affordable yet the experience is unforgettable. If you want a massage that can make your day relaxing, I recommend this place. Their services are so good! Thanks Sarah Gavile for inviting us to this event and to the owners of Banahaw Heals Spa, Maricar and Marlo Boholst for being so accommodating to us!

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