A Lunch @ Roadhouse Cafe, SM City Davao

It was Black Saturday when my family decided to have some grocery shopping at SM City Davao. Of course, I don’t want to miss the fun as I know what happens next.. A sumptuous lunch! And I never failed on it. 😀

After grocery shopping, we decided to have lunch at Mandarin Tea Garden. But suddenly, they changed their mind and went to Roadhouse Cafe instead. I’m excited since I haven’t eaten at their restaurant for years. The 1st time I ate there was like when I had lunch with my mom and dad. I was so satisfied with their food that time.

To start off our lunch, we had an appetizer. It’s called Crazy Shrimps. Up to this day, I have no idea why it’s crazy. When eating this dish, we just used our hands, dipped the shrimp in the sauce and eat the whole thing.

Whenever I eat shrimp, I remove the head of it but with Crazy Shrimps, I basically ate the whole shrimp with the head and its skin! But you know what, it’s one of the delicious dish I had!

This is Pork Sinigang. Undeniably my favorite dish!
My standards for sinigang is to have a sour taste that can disfigure my face and can satisfy my palate.

With this sinigang they have, I must say they passed with my standards. It has the right amount of sourness which can make me crave for more. I think they used real sampaloc for this sinigang.

This is the Roadhouse Chicken. From the looks of it, it looks like buttered chicken since it’s covered with bread crumbs.

My expectations were too high as I was expecting something different. Maybe a barbecue sauce being drizzled in a grilled chicken but I was wrong.
It tasted just like a buttered chicken. The good thing is, it has lots of meat which I love and indulged. 😀

This is the Pinakbet. It’s an Ilocano dish and it’s one of the popular dish in the Philippines. It’s loaded with veggies and as a veggie lover, it’s one of the dish that I look forward whenever I’m at home.

With this pinakbet, I didn’t had the chance to try them since I was so focused with the meal I had on my plate. Sorry!

Lastly, this is the Sizzling Sisig. This dish is usually really hot as it is placed on a hot plate to make every dish sizzle.

Sisig is also one of the dish I love to eat and this sisig was so good! Even though my siblings didn’t like the taste, I ate a lot of sisig. I can taste the meat, liver, and can even taste the spicy flavor of the dish which sisig is known for.

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